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Steak for breakfast?

To some of you it sounds like a dream come true… To others it sound unthinkable. Have a quick read of this article by Charles Poliquin about  what constitutes the perfect breakfast.

Meat & Nuts Breakfast

Like many aspects of “correct” nutrition, be it for weight loss or just for optimal living, to me it seems that sometimes the break with tradition is the hardest thing for people to get their heads around. Low carb living for example- it goes against everything we were taught at school about food pyramids, energy and what’s we’re told is ‘healthy’. But we’ll save that for another blog.

Ask yourself where these so-called traditions came from- Convenience? Advertising? What were people eating for breakfast before Mr Kellog and Mr Tropicana were around?

Rationing during the second world war increased the popularity of breakfast cereals as bacon and eggs became harder to come by. Food for thought…

They say you need to repeat a behavior 21 times to form a habit. Well that’s three weeks on the meat and nuts breakfast and you won’t be looking back. For me it took a lot less than 3 weeks, but give it a try for yourself, if only at weekends first, and put Charles’ theories to the test- mental clarity, no hunger pangs, more energy and a leaner body!


Being in the fitness industry for over 12 years, I've seen it all. The fads, the hype and the stuff that really works. I've seen my own body and training have to adapt to family life as my kids have come along and turned my world upside down in the best possible way, and I've done my best to stay at the top of my game throughout.

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Reece - October 3, 2013 Reply

Was just browsing for Personal Trainers and came across this website, after reading this blog I am very impressed, some great articles and super details. What a fantastic read.

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