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Is my regime working?

People often get a little frustrated that their workout / diet regime isn’t getting them exactly where they want to be as quickly as they’d like to.

I’ve already touched on the correlation between effort and results in a previous blog. So let’s assume that you’re giving as much as you can with your current schedule.

Two ways to check if your progress is going at the right speed:

1)   Review your workouts from a year ago. If one was written down and you were told to go and smash it next time you were in the gym, would it be daunting? Or a doddle?

2)   Compare yourself with your peers. I mean your day-to-day commuters/ workplace/school-pick-up peers, not the semi pro rugby players that train alongside you in the gym.

How did that go? Are you disappointed that you’re still pressing the 25kg dumbbells? Or chuffed to bits because a year ago you couldn’t do a chin up and now you can do 6 strict ones?

Looking at your peers… How do you think your 5km time would compare with the other mums over 30 at school? Could your business partner last for ten 2-minute rounds on the pads or back squat his body weight?

So hopefully you’re happy after using these little re-evaluation tools. If you are, then clearly you’re doing something right. If not, then something needs to change, either your method (trainer/diet/workout) or your mentality.


Being in the fitness industry for over 12 years, I've seen it all. The fads, the hype and the stuff that really works. I've seen my own body and training have to adapt to family life as my kids have come along and turned my world upside down in the best possible way, and I've done my best to stay at the top of my game throughout.

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