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We first opened our doors back in 2015 in our mission to build a supportive, strength and conditioning community. Since then, we’ve grown an expert team of staff, and an incredibly loyal membership. We all share a passion for training and for helping each other achieve and exceed our personal fitness goals. We would love for you to join us and start your journey today.

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Welcome to your personal proving ground. Focussed small-group strength and conditioning training that’s tailored to your goals and proven to work. Led by expert coaches, designed to push your limits. All in a Covid-Safe environment.

Small Focussed Groups

Our unique blend of intelligently intense small-group sessions, evidence based exercises and ever-changing programmes trains you as an elite athlete, keeping workouts challenging and exciting.

Nutrition Guidance

Your dedicated coach will help you set and monitor your goals. If weight management is part of this, then your coach will guide you on a sensible nutrition plan to achieve these.

Feel Welcome

We are a welcoming community of friendly coaches and training partners, old and young. During lockdown we introduced online events and now meet socially throughout the year to compete, talk and laugh.

Test Yourself for 30 Days

Leaner, happier, fitter, stronger, more mobile and more energy. That's what people report after experiencing our 30 Day Trial. During the 30 days we’ll set you up with a dedicated coach to help you achieve your goals and over 60 coached sessions a week to choose from.

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