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Duckweed – another nutrition fad?

One of our Nationals recently ran an article claiming adding duckweed to your diet can result in 20% more weight loss. But is there more to it? Is the research reliable?   To summarise; A group of “mildy obese, 50(ish) year-old, sedentary individuals” took part in a study where a group of researchers control every […]

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June 2020: 30 Day Challenge

So we’re coming up on half way through the year… Anyone else fed up with how 2020’s going so far? Never mind new year’s resolutions… What if we could make June the best month of the year so far? Despite Covid 19, despite lockdown and despite social distancing. What I’m suggesting, we’ve never done before […]

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Crossfit, come in! Your time is up.

Crossfit: You’ve probably heard of it. Okay, we all know you’ve heard of it, becasue it’s pretty popular these days. especially around Brighton and Hove. In fact there’s a good chance that you might even be doing it. However before we get to the nitty gritty thought, the scientist in me needs to lay out some […]

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What happened to Jack

What happened to Jack…                 I got an email from Jack yesterday. He’s just finished my 8 week Beat The Dad Bod program, and I think it’s fair to say, the results are pretty impressive. Here’s what Jack had to say: “So after a few months – maybe […]

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What happened to Damon

My first contact with Damon was when he replied to one of my emails.   “I need a kick up the arse and you sound like the perfect person to do just that” or something along those lines.   At our first weigh in he came in at 19st 6lbs.   That’s some pretty good […]

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