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7 Pillars of Power


7 Pillars of Power: Daily Practices to help you light your day on Fire – by starting with yourself.

Below are 7 simple ‘hacks’, which can easily get slotted into your day. I call them Pillars because they’ll build a strong internal foundation for your self-esteem, confidence, and ability to dominate your day.

Some are for your body, some for your brain. All of them are as important as the next.

When you put all these together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts- a bit like Voltron.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have days when you think: “fuck it, what’s the point of any of this?” You end up becoming your own worst enemy and sabotaging yourself and choking your own potential.

This is why I put these together. A blend of simple physical changes to keep us feeling sharp, as well as some mental work to keep us grounded and remember what really matters in our lives.

This way, when the dark days come, we’re already mentally prepared to power through because we’ve built a strong foundation.


1) Move.
Some form of exercise daily. This can range from a 20 minute brisk walk, to a 30 minute jog, to a proper weights workout. Moving is what our bodies are designed to do. When you deny yourself this – you’re practically a rat in cage. Plus nobody got fat by moving more.

2) Drink 2 litres of water a day.
We all know this, but never do it. You’ll feel energised, your skin will look better, as well as countless internal benefits. Have a 2 litre bottle with you throughout the day- its that simple. Personally I get most of it in before 6:30pm otherwise you’ll be up peeing through the night.
Which brings me on to…


3) Sleep more.
8 hours is great. 7 hours is okay. I know you’re busy, but if this means going to bed earlier and missing an episode of something pointless, then so be it. Cutting out caffeine from noon onwards will help massively with this too. Your mood, your appearance and your relationships will all benefit.


4) Start a Gratitude Log.
This is where you write down 3 things every day that you’re grateful for. Your life. Your family. Your career. Your friends. Be specific, and reflect on how lucky you really are, even if you’ve had a shit day.


5) Send an appreciation message to someone you love.
Your wife. Your kids. Someone in your family. Just let them know that you appreciate them and why. Don’t ask for anything in return.


6) Meditate.
This will be the one you have the most resistance to. But it’s probably the most important. Two simple ways to start if you’re a complete beginner: Either download an app to your phone- Headspace is good. Or take yourself somewhere quiet for 10 minutes and simply count your breaths. Thoughts will come, thoughts will go. Return to the counting.

You’ve gotta trust me on this one. 😉 From one crazy bastard to another- this shit works.


7) Drink a green smoothie every day.
A Nutribullet with spinach, kale, strawberries and blueberries and nuts would be my first recommendation, but if that sounds a bit extreme, the powdered version contains all the nutrients you need to get the benefits of the fresh stuff. I use these guys:


So there are your 7 Pillars of Power. Start today. You’ll be surprised at the difference you start to feel within just a few days. Any questions, drop me an email.

I’m out.


Being in the fitness industry for over 12 years, I've seen it all. The fads, the hype and the stuff that really works. I've seen my own body and training have to adapt to family life as my kids have come along and turned my world upside down in the best possible way, and I've done my best to stay at the top of my game throughout.

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